What to expect when on a Ketosis with Cambridge diet

How do you know when You’re in Ketosis with Cambridge Diet

Cutting down your food intake is one of the best things to do if you want to lose weight at a short span of time. It is because if you are obese, there is a high risk that you may suffer a heart attack or even stroke due to high blood pressure. The best thing for you to do is think of a diet plan that will surely help you in the achievement of a slimmer body at a short period of time, let us say a period of one month.

One of the best diet plans which started in the year 1960 is the so-called Cambridge diet, and now it is called the ketogenic diet. It gains popularity in the year 2017 through continuous advertisement and discussion of the said topic over the internet and social media. They say it is better compared to the usual vegan diet which has also gained popularity on the internet.

How to Know if You are already Experiencing Stony Stratford Ketosis

There are people who are under the ketogenic diet or the Cambridge diet but do not know when ketosis sets in. So these are the signs which you may try to consider in order for you to be aware if you the diet is already working for you.

These are the following:

  • There is increased ketone. Ketones are those chemicals which are made inside your liver. It is only produced once you lost a lot or almost all insulin in your body. It must be known that insulin is usually turned into sugar or glucose, and then these are converted again to energy. So without the sugar or glucose, energy will be sourced out of your fats, and that is the moment wherein fats will be burned.
  • There is a noticeable weight loss
  • You always feel thirsty
  • You are experiencing muscle cramps
  • Your headache is terrible
  • You are experiencing excessive fatigue
  • Your stomach is likewise upset at all times
  • There is a sudden change in your sleep

What is essential in the Cambridge diet is that it gives the person a list of foods to eat and to reduce as well. Like for instance, you need to cut your daily carbohydrates intake because as tested, carbs have the highest contribution in the weight gain of a person.

It is said that the foods that you have to reduce include those who are high in protein, fibre as well as carbs. But the truth is that in the Cambridge diet or the ketogenic diet, what is being promoted is the high-protein diet because as discussed, a while ago, when there is no more prolonged sugar or glucose to be burned, the energy has nowhere to go aside from fats. Now, these fats will be burned by the body. So, there is no harm in eating a lot of fatty foods because these will only be burned by the body.

To end this topic, there is also another way of making it more effective. That is the addition of some physical activities. The more you sweat, the more fats are being burned.

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