How Does a Low Carb Diet Leads To Weight Loss

How does a Low Carb Diet Lead to Weight Loss by Inducing Ketosis Stony Stratford

If you really want to lose weight at a short period of time, you may consider the Cambridge diet, otherwise known as the ketogenic diet. Here, you are not prevented from eating. You may even eat small meals or mini-meals as long as you eliminate glucose or sugar intake. The reason for this is that glucose or sugar is the source of energy.

These are being burned by the body most of the time. So, the metabolic state of a body does not reach burning the fats because there is still the presence of sugar. What you need to do is to eliminate sugar because if there is no sugar, the source of energy will now be fats. Being the source of energy, the fats will soon be burned. And this process is called ketosis.

Low Carb Diet Leads to Weight Loss As Ketosis Sets in Stony Stratford

It is understood that when the carb is being discussed, the number one food that enters your mind is bread. It is because bread is a BIG carb source. It also contains calories that is why bread contributes to your weight gain. But there are types of bread which may be considered as part of your keto diet. These are those which are less sugar, and you just have to check the nutritional chart at the back of the food you purchase from the supermarket.

These types of bread may be the following:

  • Whole-grain bread
  • Wheat pita bread
  • Low-carb bread
  • Whole-wheat bread

Low carb diet only means one thing, and that is limiting the carbohydrates that should be taken by a person.

Carbs are present in the following foods:

  • Grains
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Some fruits
  • You may also find carbs in milk. It is an excellent source of energy most especially if you are running out of strength due to excessive workload or no sleep at all. You just need to drink milk, and everything will be relieved. You will regain your strength outright.
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Beans and Peas

Aside from limiting those foods, low carb diet emphasizes the intake of foods which are high in protein as well as fats. You may think that it violates the usual diet which promotes vegetables and fruits and limits the protein intake. But the truth is that there is a reason behind this – and that is ketosis. To find out more click here!

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process wherein it burns the source of energy. Usually, the source of energy is sugar or glucose, so through ketosis, sugar is regularly burned. But come to think of it, if there is already no sugar intake, the fats you take and the fats stored in your body will be the source of energy. As such, through ketosis, fats are being burned by the body, since it is the source of energy now.

You may also achieve the desired body you have in mind once you combine the said diet with an exercise like dance and going to the gym. So next time that you are going to have said extraneous activities, you may also consider eating those suggested meals first.

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