How Excessive Weight Can Affect Your Health?

How excessive Weight Can Affect Your Health Stony Stratford?

Being overweight can make you face social and psychological problems, but there are some serious health risks too, which are associated with obesity.

Let’s talk about some of the issues which are caused by excessive weight Stony Stratford.

* High cholesterol levels: Cholesterol is present in the lipids in the bloodstream and obesity simply increases the levels of cholesterol. This is dangerous for the heart and in some cases, it even causes the risk of heart attacks.

* Excessive snoring: You might not know, but being overweight exacerbate snoring. One of the reasons for turbulence in your throat is the narrow gap in the airway due to the fat in the neck. Losing some weight will definitely help you in opening that airway and breathe properly while sleeping.

* Breathlessness: When you are overweight, then you can experience some shortness of breath with exertion. When your body is carrying more weight, then more calories will get burned and with each and every movement more oxygen will be used by your body. This can cause breathlessness or shortness of breath.

* Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating is one of the causes of obesity and if you are overweight or out of shape, then you will be sweating more than those who are not. This is due to the fact that fat is an insulator and it raises the core temperature. The excess layer of fat keeps your body temperature higher and hence you sweat more.

* Formation of cellulite: This is a very common condition with the obese people, in this the skin appears to have underlying areas or fat deposits. It gives a dimpled and lumpy appearance and this is very much noticeable on the buttocks and thighs.

We all know that this is very disheartening to be the centre of attraction between the people because of your weight.

If you are women, then the condition can become worse to you.

But all you ladies need not worry, as Cryotherapy Stony Stratford is there for you. It is an emerging health trend and this term redefines ‘chilling out’. It is a three-minute treatment, in which you need to stand in a deep freeze chamber (the temperature will be about -256 Fahrenheit). It is the bone-chilling procedure and it will burn up to 800 calories, release endorphins from your body, revitalize your muscles and even soothe the sore muscles. So, if you want to tone and shape your legs, then you must ask your doctor about the cryotherapy.

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